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Regardless of the complexity of your software development project, you can depend on us to perform the proper analysis to ascertain the scope and develop a plan for success. Call or email us to get started.

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Custom Software Development

Our unique mix of experience and talent enables us to deliver the best solutions for your specific needs, on-time and on-budget.

Custom Solutions

Developed to fit specific needs of each and every client


Experienced Talent

Leverage teams of seasoned professionals to ensure success


Quality Software

High performance and flexibility are core aspects of each project



Use of our proprietary libraries help us to deliver on-time and on-budget


Customer Service

Regardless of your project size and budget, we aim to provide the very best experience for each and every client engagement.


Furraylogic Technical Services (FTS)

Rapid Application Development - developing software where the solution is needed 'yesterday'
Data-centric solutions - gathering, consolidating, transforming, and reporting
Implementing software control mechanisms to eliminate audit issues

FurrayLogic Financials and Analytics (FFA)

Financial product analysis and system development
Risk management methodology analysis and modelling
Business process analysis and re-engineering

Furraylogic Healthcare IT (FHIT)

Custom software and hardware development of systems that must pass FDA certification requirements.
HIPAA compliant systems integration
Medical practice management software development